Sywan - Schwaaner Fish products

In 1906, the merchant Bernhard Janzen founded the Schwaan fish processing company and turned it into a large-scale business. It soon became known that Janzen sold fish products in every conceivable form: His products ranged from smoked products and fish marinades to oil sardines and salted herrings. From 1951 to 1990, the company belonged to VEB Fischkombinat Rostock. The fried herrings and herring in jelly invented at that time are still known throughout Germany today and are of great importance to the company and the town of Schwaan.

Since 1994, Schwaaner Fischwaren GmbH has been producing a growing range of exquisite fish products under the "Sywan" brand. Highest quality and product safety - this is what our experienced employees stand for, who carefully process the fresh fish every day in modern production facilities. The taste experience of the consumers is our incentive to surprise them again and again with special creations.


Niendorfer Chaussee 2
18258 Schwaan
Tel.: +49 (0)3844 89010

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