The tourist information office is located in the Schwaan Art Museum and provides information about:

Sights and attractions: Information about local attractions, historical sites, museums, parks, monuments and other interesting places for visitors to explore.

Events and activities: A list of current events, festivals, concerts, sporting events and other activities taking place during your stay in the region.

Accommodation: Information on hotels, guesthouses, vacation rentals and other accommodations in the area

Restaurants and gastronomy: Recommendations for restaurants, cafés, bars and local specialties, as well as information on opening hours and cuisine styles.

Transportation: Advice on public transportation, car rentals, bike rentals and other transportation options to get around the region.

Maps and orientation aids: Maps, city plans and information on getting around the area so visitors can easily find their way.

Cultural and regional information: Background information on the region's history, culture, traditions and way of life to provide a deeper understanding of the destination.

Tourist routes and excursion tips: Suggestions for routes, tours, walking routes and excursions to best explore and experience the area.

Shopping opportunities: Information about shopping centers, markets, souvenir stores and local handicrafts so that visitors have the opportunity to take gifts and souvenirs home with them.

Events and happenings in Schwaan and the surrounding area

MAY 28
19:30 Franz-Parr-Platz 8, 18273 Güstrow
MAY 28
Howard Carpendale - LET'S DO IT AGAIN!
20:00 Südring 90, 18059 Rostock
MAY 28
Flute concert in the afternoon
17:00 Beim St.-Katharinenstift 8, 18055 Rostock