How to get to Schwaan by car, train, plane and long-distance bus

There are many different ways to make your journey to Schwaan as pleasant as possible. Whether you want to travel comfortably by train, bus, plane or car is entirely up to you.

by train

Schwaan has a centrally located train station that can be reached by regional transport.

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by bus

You can reach Schwaan by long-distance bus or rebus.

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by car

Schwaan is easily accessible via the A20 and the A19 exit

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by airplane

Schwaan can be reached via the airport in Hamburg and direct highway or train connections.

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Events and happenings in Schwaan and the surrounding area

MAY 28
19:30 Franz-Parr-Platz 8, 18273 Güstrow
MAY 28
Howard Carpendale - LET'S DO IT AGAIN!
20:00 Südring 90, 18059 Rostock
MAY 28
Flute concert in the afternoon
17:00 Beim St.-Katharinenstift 8, 18055 Rostock