On Land & Water

Get outside! Sports enthusiasts, water rats, high-wire artists and leisure cyclists can all get active in Schwaan. Experience the town, whether on foot, by bike or with a hand's breadth of water under your keel. Schwaan attracts visitors with a unique combination of culture and nature. Water is almost always close at hand. The Warnow is considered one of the most romantic waterways in north-east Germany and is undisputedly the longest river in Mecklenburg.

Boat trip on the Warnow

Experience the unique nature and interesting excursion destinations between Bützow & Schwaan.

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Climbing & adventure forest Schwaan

With the Schwaan climbing and adventure forest - experience nature, history and "yourself"!

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Active on the Warnow with "Wanderer-Aktiv-Tour"

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Bowling & Skittles

Visit the bowling and skittle alley in Schwaan.

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Balanx Gym

The studio in Schwaan is open to members 24 hours a day - 365 days a year.

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Franz Bunke

* Schwaan 03.12.1857 - † 06.07.1939 Weimar

Bunke was born the son of a millwright in Schwaan. Thanks to his parents' open-mindedness, he was able to pursue his artistic inclinations at an early age. In the spring of 1878, Bunke began studying at the...

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Events and happenings in Schwaan and the surrounding area

JUL 22
Summer holiday program at the Kunsthaus
10:00 Baustraße 3-5, 18273 Güstrow
JUL 22
With all senses
00:00 Barnstorfer Ring 1, 18059 Rostock
JUL 22
Children's Art Compass
09:00 Heidberg 15, 18273 Güstrow