Werle Castle

A memorial stone stands on the rampart of the former Werle Castle near the village of Werle on the eastern bank of the Warnow. Since 1856, the six-ton boulder with the inscription "Burg Werle" has commemorated the historic site.

Built around the year 600, Werle was the main regional castle of the princes of the Slavic Obotrite tribe. Due to military conflicts with the Saxon Duke Henry the Lion, Slavic prince Niklot had to leave his castle in Schwerin around 1160 and retreated to Wiek (now Werle) to the old Werle Castle. Here he was killed in 1160 during the siege of the castle by Henry the Lion and the Danish King Waldemar I. The end of the Slavic period in Mecklenburg was sealed.

If you would like to find out more about the Slavic period in Mecklenburg, we recommend the open-air museum in Groß Raden.


18258 Kassow OT Werle


Just before the level crossing in Werle, coming from Schwaan, there is a small sandy parking lot on the right-hand side. From there you can walk to the former Werle castle.

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