Partnership - Barbizon the painters' village

Around 1820, Edmée and François Ganne founded a grocery store in the small village of Barbizon. In 1827, Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot discovered the village, followed by other painters such as Théodore Rousseau and Jean-François Millet. A whole generation of young artists decided to paint "from nature". They left their studios to work in situ, like their two great British predecessors, John Constable and Turner.

There were two big occasions to celebrate in Schwaan in 2022. The newly initiated town twinning between Schwaan and the French artists' colony Barbizon and the 20th anniversary of the Schwaan Art Museum. To mark the occasion, a French delegation consisting of the mayor of Barbizon and his wife and two city representatives traveled to Schwaan on 25.10 and 26.10.2022. Their stay was rounded off with a guided tour of the town, a visit to the art museum and a visit to various attractions in Schwaan. The KuLaWe association also provided active support by making the premises at the Schelpbrookhof farm in Letschow available and preparing a great lunch for the guests. In the evening, the ceremony for these two major celebrations took place at the Schwaan Campus of Generations. Numerous visitors came to celebrate the town twinning of Schwaan and Barbizon and the anniversary of the art museum. This is now Schwaan's second town twinning in addition to the town twinning with Loxstedt. During the event, the former museum director, Mr. Heiko Brunner, was also made an honorary citizen of the town of Schwaan. The ceremony was accompanied by music performed by students from the Rostock University of Music and Drama. After the ceremony on campus, the event ended in the art museum with food and drink. From October 3 to 6, the German delegation from Schwaan, consisting of the mayor Mr. Schauer, the first city councillor Mr. Antelmann, the mayor Mr. Recke and the museum director Ms. Winter-Süß, made a return visit to their twin town Barbizon. During their stay in Barbizon, the delegation explored the town, the museum and the studios of the renowned artists Jean-François Millet and Théodore Rousseau, who once worked in Barbizon. The Schwaan delegation also visited schools and public institutions, including the town hall. The Fontainebleau forest, where many important paintings were created, was also on the program. This forest was once the hunting ground of the kings who resided in the castle of Fontainebleau. The castle itself was also admired by the delegation from Schwaan. During the visit, there was also an exchange of artists with the twin town of Asago in Japan. It was decided that an exchange of artists from Schwaan and the district of Rostock will be organized in the coming year. The visit culminated in the opening of the exhibition "Nida. The Lithuanian Barbizon", which was taken over from Schwaan. The director of the Schwaan Art Museum, Annette Winter-Süß, opened the exhibition in front of 120 visitors in French. This event not only marked the end of the visit, but also served to deepen the friendly ties with the French twin town.