"De olle Apteik"

"De olle Apteik" is the Low German translation for "The old pharmacy". Old pharmacy furnishings have been established in two rooms. These are furnishings from 1913 and furniture from the 1950s. This furniture was fitted with equipment, scales, containers, books, drug collections and many other pharmaceutical devices. The small exhibition provides an insight into the origins of the classic German pharmacy with its scientific and technical activities and skills. Admission is free! Guided tours are available on request. "De olle Apteik" is located in the courtyard of the pharmacy building at Markt 8, entrance through the courtyard gate in Pfarrstraße.


Markt 8a
18258 Schwaan
Tel.: (+49) 03844 813696
E-Mail: olle-apteik@t-online.de

Opening hours:
June to August, open on Wednesdays from 11 am to 4 pm or on request!
Guided tours by appointment!

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