Our area is the Warnow with its tributaries (Mildenitz and Nebel) as well as the lakes between Rostock, Schwerin and Krakow am See. We hire out canoes, kayaks, rowing and pedal boats, various group boats as well as bicycles and other mobile equipment, also in various combinations. Mobile service and several rental stations make us efficient. Our entire (transportable) range is available on request. It is possible to hire boats, canoes, SUPs and a selection of bicycles (including e-bikes).

Since the 2023 season, "Wanderer-Aktiv-Tour" has had a rental station in Schwaan, which serves as a starting and finishing point for canoe and SUP tours. As in the first year, it will not yet be possible to have a permanent staff and fixed opening hours. However, the entire (transportable) range of equipment is available for hire in Schwaan by appointment.

You will find the station between the Warnow Bridge and the art museum at Große Bergstraße 6.


Großen Bergstraße 6
18258 Schwaan
Tel.: +49 (0)38458 8011
Mobil: +49 170 5543553
E-Mail: info@wanderer-aktivtour.de

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