City of the artists' colony

The small Mecklenburg city of Schwaan is nestled between the rivers Warnow and Beke, surrounded by rolling hills and vast fields. Almost 140 years ago, important painters succumbed to its natural charm, resulting in one of Mecklenburg's first artists' colonies being established in Schwaan around 1880/85.
Discover picturesque Schwaan with its historic city centre and the artists' colony, which is known far beyond the borders of the state. Cosy cafés and restaurants invite you to enjoy regional cuisine.
Shop through the small shops that harbour great treasures and offer local products.
Experience Schwaan on land or on the water, a climbing park offers activity and fun for the whole family.
Or just stay, because Schwaan offers more!


Franz Bunke

* Schwaan 03.12.1857 - † 06.07.1939 Weimar

Bunke, the founder of the Schwaan artists' colony, was made an honorary citizen of the town of Schwaan in 1927. His parents supported his artistic inclinations from childhood, which gave him the opportunity to pursue his talent at an early age. Bunke began his studies at the Berlin Academy in the spring of 1878, but transferred to the Weimar School of Painting after the first semester, where he studied under Theodor Hagen until 1884. He was then offered a teaching position for landscape painting in Weimar. From 1892, Bunke regularly brought pupils to Schwaan.

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Discover more from Schwaan

Art Museum Schwaan

It shows Mecklenburg painting with a focus on the Schwaan artists' colony in the 19th and 20th centuries.

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Boat trip on the Warnow

Experience the unique nature between Bützow & Schwaan with the Warnowlöper.

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"Mehrgenerationenhaus" Schwaan

A cultural and social center of our town of Schwaan.

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Climbing and adventure forest

A destination for families, vacationers, companies and sports enthusiasts!

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Werle Castle

A memorial stone on the rampart of the former Werle Castle.

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St. Paulus church

One of the first churches in Mecklenburg.

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town hall II

Town Hall II is the oldest preserved school building in the town and was built in 1832.

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Fish delicacies have been produced in Schwaan for more than 100 years.

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Events and happenings in Schwaan and the surrounding area

JUL 26
Tour: Fountains and watercourses in Rostock / Meeting point: Kröpeliner Tor
17:00 Kröpeliner Tor (Kröpeliner Straße 50) , 18055 Rostock
JUL 26
20:00 Klosterhof 1, 18055 Rostock
JUL 26
Children's Art Compass: Organ Adventure
10:30 Domplatz , 18273 Güstrow

City Partnership - Barbizon, the painters' village

Around 1820, Edmée and François Ganne founded a grocery shop in the small village of Barbizon. In 1827, Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot discovered the village, followed by other painters such as Théodore Rousseau and Jean-François Millet. A whole generation of young artists decided to paint "from nature". They left their studios to work in situ, like their two great British predecessors, John Constable and Turner.

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