Sascha Grammel


Everyone, please stand on your toes for a moment! There is news from the house of Sascha Grammel!

After his four frenetically acclaimed, highly praised, dearly loved and therefore rightly platinum award-winning live programs "HETZ MICH NICHT!", "KEINE ANHUNG", "ICH FIND'S LUSTIG" and most recently "FAST FERTIG!", our incorrigibly good-humored, blond-haired Spandau ventriloquist's pride and joy now conjures up his latest, fantastically emotional, once again wonderfully silly live program "WÜNSCH DIR WAS" (WISH YOU WAS) out of his hat, his sleeve or his stomach.

After the first few seconds of "WÜNSCH DIR WAS", you understand why Grammel didn't just happen to learn the small ABCs, the big one-one-one and how to ride a bicycle with one hand on an almost real Spandau honey cake horse, El Grammeloni scores again this time with his inimitable, childishly light humor that never takes itself too seriously, his enviably chronically cheerful disposition and his fearless penchant for utter nonsense. "WÜNSCH DIR WAS" is Grammel's latest, craziest, wonderfully bizarre jaunt into the warm and cozy, funny and wild ventriloquist's paradise.
An all-round funny, playful, cross-generational family trip into the blue or green, with sack and pack and Hinz and Kunz. And all the trimmings. And the unshakeable promise that everything always turns out all right in the end. That dreams will come true if you believe in them hard enough. That fairy tales come true and that sorrow and worries will surely pass. And that friendship, love, courage and honesty always win out in the end.
So with "WÜNSCH DIR WAS", die-hard fans and Grammel newcomers alike can once again look forward to the full puppet comedy slate! But beware: this time, our dear Sascha "I think I've just forgotten my lines" Grammel and his incomparable puppet troupe can't be tamed at all. And why should they? "WÜNSCH DIR WAS" is a colorful grammar school of the very best! With icing and guaranteed laughs!


04.09.2024 20:00
Rostock City Hall
Südring 90
18059 Rostock
+49 (0)381 4400444
Pascalstraße 10
10587 Berlin