Living room cinema: "A million minutes"


The Küper family's life comes apart at the seams when their daughter Nina is diagnosed with a motor disorder. In search of a better way of life, they spend 694 days in Thailand and Iceland and discover a new world full of time for her development and the needs of each family member.

At the living room cinema in the, going to the movies takes place in a graceful way. As soon as you are greeted, you enter a cozy atmosphere. After purchasing your ticket, you can dive straight into the The offer ranges from coffee specialties to cocktails, wines and much more. Indulge yourself a little and enjoy the delicacies for small and large appetites.

25.07.2024 19:30
Hansenstraße 1
18273 Güstrow
Film club Güstrow
Feldstraße 43
18273 Güstrow