In the gray hours of the morning, between doubts and tiredness, the songs find their final form. The world is out of joint. Melodies and words search for the right place at the damaged spots of our hope. Songs that are being tested for the next CD/LP, songs from the recently released solo live CD; songs from the fund of the last almost fifty albums, carried by the gentle and determined tones of guitars, bass, accordion, wind instruments, drums and piano play for dancing in the unrepeatable hours of the concerts. GLAD TO BE ALIVE. An adherence to elementary truths, despite all ideological parcelling out. Celebrating life as a victory against the destructive, against wars and demagogy. Music is a faithful companion. Wenzel remains true to himself and does not care about pigeonholes or fashionable attitudes. His work draws from an almost inexhaustible source.

Wenzel is an author, composer, musician, singer, actor and director. Tours have taken him through France, Austria, America, Nicaragua, Cuba and Turkey, among others. Wenzel has performed on stage with Arlo Guthrie, Randy Newman, Billy Bragg, Konstantin Wecker and many other musicians. Wenzel has been honored with the GOLDEN AMIGA, the Heinrich Heine Prize, the German Cabaret Prize, the German Record Critics' Award (eight times) and the Liederbestenliste Prize.

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30.08.2024 20:00
Monastery garden at the Holy Cross Monastery
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Compagnie de Comédie
Warnowufer 55
18057 Rostock