Wild etudes, tender songs - PutensenBeatEnsemble Klassik



The pianist, singer and composer Thomas Putensen will be performing a remarkable combination of classical music, pop, rock and cheerful, satirical poems. For some time now, his playing has been complemented by a string quartet and a portable church organ. These sound colors bring a completely new effect for band and audience.

All in all, Putensen's songs on organ and piano mix the sound of the North with world music accents and add a few very enriching highlights to the evening with one or two evergreens by Holger Biege and Manfred Krug.

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15.08.2024 20:00
Monastery garden at the Holy Cross Monastery
Klosterhof 1
18055 Rostock
Compagnie de Comédie
Warnowufer 55
18057 Rostock