Jakob Heymann & Falk - Don't we all suffer a bit from chronic double standards? -



On 25.08.2024 at 20:00 in the monastery garden, Kloster zum Heiligen Kreuz

Jakob Heymann & Falk


Don't we all suffer a bit from chronic double standards?

Jakob Heymann & FALK certainly do, and they make no secret of it. The two singer-songwriters and musical cabaret artists have teamed up for a few selected concerts to take the audience on a journey full of songs that carry one message above all: nobody is perfect, but you can still make a little effort. A wondrous fusion of wit and emotion, an evening of silliness, passion and humorous banter.

Jakob Heymann

He knows the chords (mostly), he knows about the power of words and is familiar with people's aberrations. His music is both a craft and an art. It is created on stage and in the audience. It screws its way directly into the soul and nests there in a wondrously natural way. Using the guitar as a world receiver, he makes the small things big and vice versa.


For all friends of sarcasm and black humor and for all those who like to think outside the box. On an evening with the singer-songwriter and music cabaret artist, the audience is expected to do no more than laugh at themselves.

Because FALK works his way through the zeitgeist and tries to spare nothing and no one - not even himself. A statement against the delusion of always having to take sides, tongue-in-cheek entertainment instead of deadly serious education. And all this regardless of losses.

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25.08.2024 20:00
Monastery garden in the Holy Cross Monastery
Klosterhof 1
18055 Rostock
Compagnie de Comédie
Warnowufer 55
18057 Rostock