The Flying Dutchman - For the last time!

A grotesque comedy by Friedrich Huch



A grotesque comedy by Friedrich Huch

The Flying Dutchman: Peer Roggendorf

The sailor Daland: Marcus Möller

Senta, his daughter: Berit Möller

Erik, a hunter: Marcus Möller

Mary, Senta's nurse: Angela Schlabinger

Sailors, maids, wedding guests: All of them

The sailor Daland and the Flying Dutchman, who only makes it ashore for three days every seven years, meet off a desert island. He asks the sailor Daland for his daughter and gives him boxes full of pearls, necklaces, diamonds and amulets. But Daland's daughter Senta is engaged to Erik, leaving only Senta's nurse, old Mary. Senta, however, cannot stand Erik. And the Flying Dutchman still knows Mary from the old days. But now there is a wonderful spark between Senta and the Flying Dutchman and they fall in love in a very strange way. But Mary doesn't want that. It sparks, it grinds, it resounds and laughs. Shots are fired and there is a crash. The curtain rises and the longing rages. Erik has now become air and Senta loves the strange man. And the departure begins anew. Board the ship and see the sea: yay, yay!!! We are delighted and now happy!

A grotesque comedy in three hilarious acts. Full of wit and charm and wondrous facts. A warm welcome!

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29.08.2024 20:00
Monastery garden in the Holy Cross Monastery
Klosterhof 1
18055 Rostock
Compagnie de Comédie
Warnowufer 55
18057 Rostock