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It's a beautiful image that JonnyVersum creates of himself in "Drahtseilakt": the artist enters his paradise, chills out "on the swing in the morning sun / the guitar sings with delight" - it's wonderful. The big city and the world with all its problems are far away, thank God! But then he hears the roar of jets overhead, and suddenly the village idyll is over. Shit, the gentle singer asks himself, "I wish I didn't hear anything / about the threats out there"? And first writes, somewhat indignantly: "DrahtSeilAkt - ein Friedenslied".

JonnyVersum is the "small, fine singer-songwriter identity" of piano maker Jonas Fischer from Bliesekow near Rostock. On his debut album "!Draht! Rope! Akt!", the artist reveals himself to be an existential seeker, contradictorily addicted to freedom and love, departure and security. His songs, born around the campfires of countless paddling trips along the Mecklenburg Lake District, are full of question marks and yet in the end always celebrate "this life" that "we all live".

It is a great stroke of luck that the "Klaviedermacher", as he calls himself, has finally thrown the doors of his northern German workshop wide open to delight the world between Bliesekow and Berlin, Hanstorf and Hanover, Rostock and Rügen with his songs. Because in his self-imposed seclusion, he has created songs that concern each and every one of us. It is the search for the right life that drives JonnyVersum, both personally and politically. This range gives his work relevance - far beyond the casual charm of his live performance.

His fixed stars are the guitar and the piano. When he indulges or meditates on the piano, he is completely at one with himself and sometimes creates a maelstrom that the listener cannot (and does not want to) escape, sometimes related spirits from Keith Jarrett to Ludovico Einaudi greet him from afar. On the guitar he is more powerful, more direct, he has always developed his own driving rhythm, which forms the framework of his songs and acts almost like an identifying mark. The interplay of instruments keeps his musical universe in balance. You are fascinated by one and at the same time always long for the other.

The art of JonnyVersum also lies in the fact that he unites the seemingly incompatible in his songs. Is he a melancholic? From experience, yes! His songs are (also) about failed life plans, farewells, pain and - again and again - new beginnings. At the same time, the very next moment he manages to enchant us with his light hand and voice. He is sometimes a sonny boy, sometimes a man in pain - and that's not a show. On stage, at any rate, he credibly embodies both.

In "Regenbogen - Ich", JonnyVersum, the "inhabitant of life", fans out all his inner colors and lets his dazzling ego shine as a "chord of light in the realm of the soul". "Schöne Schatten" (Beautiful Shadows), a love song in which the foreboding of the end resonates from the very beginning, is poetic to the point of being drunk with happiness. "Shake your ass" is a message to all the scaredy-cats who are still waiting (and at the same time an appeal from the artist to himself). Finally, in the surfer anthem "Einen Gang zurück", JonnyVersum euphorically celebrates the small and big moments of freedom, lets the sea roar, sanctifies the evening light. Here, the long undefined longing finally finds its destination: "Please tell me when evening comes / and the sun hits its shadow ..."

But his masterpiece is "Acid Rain". This song soars to the heights of our time without false pathos. Climate catastrophe, refugee crisis, corona pandemic - it's all there in this song about the earth. But never superficially, instead elegiac and yet also hopefully interwoven. Sacred seriousness with a human face - JonnyVersum at it's best. Or in the singer's very own words: "The greatest world has its limits / it's time to stand by it. / The first one opens the door / the last one turns out the light / Let's go."

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