Dirk Zöllner and André Gensicke founded their big band "Die Zöllner" in June 1988.


Dirk Zöllner and André Gensicke founded their big band "Die Zöllner" in June 1988.

Several titles were written together. It was not until September 2023 that the accomplished funk & soul band released a new album, "Portugal".

However, it is also a special event to experience the two without timpani and trumpets.

With piano and guitar and in a verbal exchange of blows, they give each other templates, provoke, experiment and still deliver a harmonious overall work in the end. No two concerts are the same, as they draw on a huge pool of shared titles and experiences.

Dirk Zöllner moved from the center of Berlin to the outskirts of Köpenick ten years ago, where he met the well-known rock cellist Tobias Unterberg, alias b.deutung. Neighborhood became friendship - so the step to bring Unterberg into the big Zöllner family was inevitable! b.deutung has played with the Inchtabokatables, Deine Lakaien, New Model Army and in Peter Gabriel's "New Blood Orchestra", among others. He sprinkles gold dust over the highly explosive structure with both rock and classical capers. Lyrical and musical mastery for sophisticated tastes!

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21.07.2024 20:00
Holy Cross Monastery
Klosterhof 7
18055 Rostock
Compagnie de Comédie
Warnowufer 55
18057 Rostock