A band meets itself - Jive Sharks

Jive Sharks - the most popular new swing band brings its hot boogie and steamy bossa nova to the Kulturhafen


One combo, two sounds! In their new program, the Jive Sharks pay homage to the cradle of jazz, blues and swing: New Orleans.

For the first time, part of the show will be played without amplification - unplugged. Fresh and crisp in front of the tent. However, it will not be a nostalgia show, but a jazz innovation: modern songs such as "Eye Of The Tiger" and "Sex Bomb" will be performed in an authentic 1920s sound.

"For the second part of the evening, from 20:00, the most popular new swing band in the north, full of hot boogie and steamy bossa nova, will then bring their music to the stage in the tent with a large line-up (!).


So get your chest out, tighten your socks and get ready to swing!

You can find tickets here.


24.08.2024 18:00
Port of culture in Circus Fantasia
Warnowufer 55
18057 Rostock
Fantasia AG
Friedrichstr. 23
18057 Rostock