Carrousel - Cinq'Tour2024

Carrousel - On their Cinq'Tour 2024, Carrousel delight with a unique concert in the Kulturhafen

The band Carrousel, consisting of Léonard Gogniat and Sophie Burande, has its origins in a chance encounter. Léonard is sitting with his accordion in a café in the south of France. Sophie was also making music on a nearby terrace. This meeting not only led to a personal connection, but also to the idea for their band Carrousel.
Carrousel are on the road with their latest album CINQ, the perfect French touch with diverse and dynamic songs, pop melodies and French lyrics full of poetry. Their direct charm and French nonchalance are the best ambassadors of their music, which stands out for its uniqueness and the blend of the two voices.
After more than 850 concerts throughout Europe, the energy and emotions directly with the audience are more central than ever. An invitation to dream, sing and dance, to forget the time. Voilà!

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02.08.2024 20:00
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18057 Rostock
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