Tridiculous - a breathtaking circus show in the Kulturhafen

Tridiculous stands for an explosive mixture of power, dynamics and musical skill, spiced up with a strong dash of humor. Their show - it rocks, shakes and touches with music, artistry, beatbox, comedy and unbridled energy. Tridiculous reflects multiculturalism in action: a trio consisting of a Russian who grew up in Tel Aviv and two Ukrainians rooted in the Berlin breakdance scene, who together bring their visions of art and entertainment to life in a rousing show.

Tridiculous deliver a performance that captivates the audience with their speed and effervescent energy. In doing so, they create new dimensions of performance art. Why rely on playback when your own performance can be supported by live music and vocals? Why not use the dynamics of a somersault to operate the drums at the same time?
They show how to playfully merge the boundaries between acrobatics, music and singing and present a fast-paced show that fascinates, enchants and inspires!

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Facebook: 3dcls
Instagram: tridiculous

06.10.2024 15:00
Port of culture in Circus Fantasia
Warnowufer 55
18057 Rostock
Fantasia AG
Friedrichstr. 23
18057 Rostock