Horsch - Kobekina - Taylor

Bach - Vivaldi - Telemann

"It should not be called Bach, but the sea!" Beethoven's famous bon mot exactly describes the ten concerts that are particularly inspired by the works of Johann Sebastian Bach this festival summer.
Excellent young early music talent: audience favourite and festival prizewinner Anastasia Kobekina takes listeners on a journey into the soundscapes of the Baroque masters with her cello and viola da gamba. She will be joined by the virtuoso recorder player Lucie Horsch, a good friend of the Festival family. The Dutchwoman played her way into the hearts of the audience at the Festival Spring 2023 at the latest. The third member of the ensemble is the French-American harpsichordist and Festival prizewinner Justin Taylor. Whether solo, as a duo or in a trio - listening pleasure is guaranteed!

The "Kultur.Feldstein.Kirche" Recknitz project at Bartholomäuskirche was created precisely for afternoons like this and is now also the new venue for the MV Festival: the venue is intended to be a "living room" "where body, soul and spirit can feel at home" - according to the initiators from the Christophorus parish.

"45' vor"
Begegnungen & Wissenswertes 45 minutes before the concert begins
Combination discount available 10% discount when booking at least 2 events in the "Fokus Bach" series. The discount is automatically granted in the shopping cart of the ticket store.
This concert has limited wheelchair accessibility

01.09.2024 16:00
Recknitz 8
18276 Plaaz
Lindenstr. 1
19055 Schwerin

Ticket types
Price category 1: €45.-
Price category 2: €35.-