Sebastian Knauer: ÜberBach

Bach - Tchaikovsky - Safaian

"It should not be called Bach, but the sea!" Beethoven's famous bon mot exactly describes the ten concertos that are particularly inspired by the works of Johann Sebastian Bach this festival summer.
The internationally renowned pianist Sebastian Knauer was immediately hooked when he heard about the idea of the German-Iranian composer Arash Safaian: to reassemble different parts of works from pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach to create five concertos that sound both old and new at the same time. "I was deeply impressed by the virtuosity of the piano part, the melodious power of the compositions and the dense sound. I thought I was listening to Bach and yet it sounded too modern for the original," says Sebastian Knauer.
This contemporary look at the old master is preceded by Bach's Piano Concerto No. 5 in the original and the opening with Tchaikovsky's "Souvenir de Florence" is no coincidence either: for all its romantic indulgence, the work is characterized by contrapuntal work in an unusually intense way for Tchaikovsky. "What a fugue there is at the end!" he remarked himself. In a way, the entire program is an exploration of the compositional style that Bach represents.

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29.08.2024 19:00
Hall 207 - Rostock People's Theater
Hellingstraße 5
18057 Rostock
Lindenstr. 1
19055 Schwerin

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